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August 22, 2003



I have a goodmans gdc 3116 tft digital camera whichi can not run on windows xp as its not compatable.Can you instruct me how i can down load a proper program so it will download the photos.


I have a goodmans gdc 3116 tft digital camera and it works very well under windows xp, just install it properly and you wont have any problems, try reading the instructions that came with it, pay particular attention to the ammendment labelled INSTALLING UNDER WINDOWS XP

Dzwonki Polifoniczne

Siema ! SIEMA !


I have a Goodmans GDC 3116TFT camera, it works but all the photos are very dark, I tried to change the settings but the photos still are dark.What can I do?

Julie  Rainbird

Jur purchased a Goodmans digital camera model 3116. Unflortunately installation disc doest not work property and I cannot get computer to recognise camera connection and download camera pictures. Any help would be brilliant, as I am stuck otherwise. HAs anyone else experienced similar problems and overcome them or is my installation disc useless.

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